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  • My appointment is with Dr. Ode. My concerns were my range of motion and what I could do to continue an active lifestyle and she would very patient with me answered all my questions, showed me what I could and could not do and told me I could call back at anytime if I had further questions. I am extr...
  • So thankful for Dr. Ode and the staff at this facility. Everyone treats the patients with respect and listens very carefully to their needs. I am happy I chose this facility to for my health issues.
  • I just wanted to say I think Dr Ode and her staff are totally awesome, I would definitely recommend her for someone else that I knew that was having the same issues I was having, she did an awesome awesome job.
  • Absolutely loved Blue Ridge Orthopedic Dr Ode and Dr Boyer we're wonderful professionals . Dr Ode Was very compassionate and made me feel very confident and comfortable and my surgery and my upcoming visits. I will definitely recommend her to family and friends
  • Dr. Ode is always very pleasant but very straightforward. And she comes to the point and I appreciate that so very much. Thank you.