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  • i have a had shoulder issue since 1996, when i had an ope procedure to fix chronic dislocations. although my surgery was successful in stopping my dislocations ,it set me up for years of loss of range of motion which led to severe mount arthritis, when i finally decided i had enough , my research brought me to HSS, and further research i was lucky to find Dr.Ode. Dr . Ode upon examination and through xray, determined a reverse shoulder replacement was indicated. i i am now three months post op, and let me tell you i am now able to use my left arm again, i gave almost full range of motion overhead, all my pre surgery pain is gone . Dr.Ode is not only a world talented orthopedic surgeon, she is a world class person , who treated me with dignity respect and courtesy, she allowed me to explain ally my symptoms and concerns and answered all with east to understand answers. i honestly feel so lucky i was able to find Dr.Ode , i highly recommend her to anyone with any shoulder issues as that is her specialty i’m only three months post op but Dr . Ode gave me back the full use of my dominant arm and i profusely thank her and her entire staff for giving me excellent care and treating me so kindly .